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The seductive and hypnotic style of writing pulls the reader deep into the story of this murderess and turns this journey of sin, obsession and murder into a pleasant ride. Pohlkamp is a magician with words, so smooth and seductive that will make readers fall for her novel like clockwork.

The originality of the plot is a breath of fresh air in the world of historical thrillers and the level of suspense is enough to make any heart skip a few beats.

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Reviews – Apricots and Wolfsbane

Wow. Just wow. From the first few pages it was apparent that K.M. Pohlkamp is incredibly talented in her craft. The writing flowed in such great fashion, it was an easy thing to get lost in the story entirely. I would compare the writing style to some of the NYT bestsellers we see today.

K.M. Pohlkamp’s debut novel grabbed me by the throat and didn’t let go….Each chapter left the right amount of interest to keep me turning pages, and the ending was the icing on the poison spiked cake.

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Reviews – Apricots and Wolfsbane