Working Mother & Author?

As a full-time working mother of two, the most frequent question I get asked by my friends and family is: When do you have time to write?

It is amazing how much progress can be made one hour at a time.  Thankfully, my children are still young so they go to bed fairly early. I also take advantage of nap time during the weekends.

My husband is an avid runner and goes on long training runs at night which means the house is a quiet place to create. He is training hard to qualify for the Boston Marathon and his dedication to his hobby is inspiring. He probably spends more hours a week running than I write.

Between our hobbies, my husband and I have learned that you make time for the things you love, and most importantly, that includes family.

Of course, things can be a little crazy at times! My husband took this photo of me talking with my publisher, Filles Vertes Publishing, while driving for a family vacation. (I was trying hard not to laugh as he took the photo!)


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