Apricots and Wolfsbane

50 Days Until Publication!

It is strange and exhilarating to watch a tale crafted out of the depths of my imagination come to life in tangible form.

The past months have been a whirlwind of revisions and authoring promotional/guest blogs for this fall. Last week, I completed a final round of manuscript edits considering comments from the beta reviews completed by all the Filles Vertes interns. (Thank you all again!) I’m thrilled my book caused so much thought and conversation. I wanted to write a book that made the reader think and it seems I met my goal!

Pre-publication reviews from published authors are also coming in (you can read them here) and I love the first glimpses into the thoughts of readers. I sincerely appreciate the time of the authors who have helped with this effort, and thank you for the beautiful reviews!

I’ve had a blast working with Kate Cowan of Broken Arrow Designs to create the cover and helping Filles Vertes Publishing with details for the inside layout design. I can’t wait to share the final cover and expect we’ll be announcing a reveal date soon!

50 days – it’s getting real, folks! I’m publishing a book!

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