Apricots and Wolfsbane, Shadows of Hemlock

Out of Print

This blog post is long over due but until today, I could not summon the will to write it.

My publisher, Filles Vertes Publishing, has gone out of business and my books have been out of print for a few weeks now. I am grateful to how Filles Vertes Publishing fulfilled my publishing dreams and how they are helping me land gracefully on my feet. I have received my full rights back and they even helped me procure the remaining inventory of my books from the distributor. (Thank you Myra!)

Where do I go from here? Aftering taking time to mourn, I’m pressing forward, albeit slowly. I am currently querying my third novel and drafting a fourth. I will be taking part in nanowrimo again (my 4th year in a row) and continuing to grow in the craft. My writing will be back in your hands one way or another, it just may take longer than I had been hoping.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me notes of encouragement, for all the letters over the years from those who have been touched by my books. Those little notes mean so much, especially now.

I do have local stock of both Apricots and Wolfsbane and Shadows of Hemlock I will sell to those who contact me directly. Otherwise there are so many wonderful small authors out there and I encourage you to support them. The current climate and economy are rough on any business, including small publishers. I hope you will pick up a book from a local author, skip Amazon, and buy direct from a publisher or local book store.

I wish you and your family all of the best.

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