Shadows of Hemlock

Grab your mortar and pestle and cover your mead before following this poison assassin back to Tudor England. The sequel to Apricots and Wolfsbane, Shadows of Hemlock, is now available! You can also read the FREE prequel, Seeds of Apricot, here.


Regret is a bitter poison.

In a desperate grasp for prestige, Aselin Gavrell betrayed her master to the execution block for the advantage of the onyx pendant now around her neck. Shelter from her master’s crimes comes with an unwanted allegiance and a list of innocents to murder. But the Guild of poison assassins will not be so easily pacified and charge Aselin to develop an antidote as retribution for her betrayal.

Unprepared for the independence she craved, Aselin is forced to seek aid from a fickle contact who wants only one means of payment: a ruby ring with a mare’s head. To save herself from her master’s fate, Aselin must navigate a growing list of debtors eager to toss her aside and confront her guilt in this fast-paced tale of growth and redemption in Tudor England.

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Shadows of Hemlock Pre-Release Reviews

“K.M. Pohlkamp follows Apricots and Wolfsbane with another entertaining story of a female assassin that we can’t help but root for. Living by her own peculiar code of conduct, Aselin strives for independence, recognition and respect in a world that grants them to few women. With uncanny parallels to our times, it leaves us wondering how much has – and hasn’t – changed, no matter our profession.” — P.K. Adams, author of Silent Water, a Jagiellon Mystery

“This is the sequel to the superb ‘Apricots and Wolfsbane’ and Ms. Pohlkamp has lost none of her ability to produce magical prose.” — Richard Tearle, Discovering Diamond Historical Fiction Reviews

“More toxic than ever before. K.M. Pohlkamp returns with the sequel to her award-winning story Apricots and Wolfsbane. Be ready to be transported to time where all work and suffer for the rich and the law protects those who control the purse strings. The historical detail dumps you into the dungeons and lifts you to the splendor of the 16th century nobility. Just don’t drink the wine!”– Dave Wickenden, Author of Author of In Defense of Innocence – A Laura Amour Thriller

“It was hard to put this book down.” — Melissa MacDonald, founder of A Tudor Writing Circle

“Picking up right where Apricots and Wolfsbane left off, Shadows of Hemlock transports readers back to a time when life was cheap and independence was dangerous. Aselin Gavrell understands these simple truths better than most but even she is not prepared for the dangers that come with charting her own path as an assassin. Hounded by powerful lords and agents of the law, Aselin must draw upon all her smarts to triumph over her foes. Where the book really shines, however, is Pohlkamp’s depiction of Aselin’s mental state. Rather than becoming more ruthless or more deranged as she advances in her career, Aselin’s character becomes more introspective and her character arc benefits from it greatly. Long after readers finish this book, they will be pondering heady questions related to ambition and sacrifice that will surely inspire heated discussion amongst fans. Anyone looking for an adventure novel filled with exciting twists and turns and engaging characters should look no further: Shadows of Hemlock is the book for you.”  — Edward Rickford, Author of The Serpent and the Eagle

“These two books are a pleasure to read. It’s an interesting trip into a secret life in Tudor England, a trip well worth taking.” — Phyllis H. Moore, author of Opal’s Story

About the Author

K.M. Pohlkamp is a blessed wife to the love of her life, proud mother of two young children, and a Mission Control flight controller. A Cheesehead by birth, she now resides in Texas for her day job and writes to maintain her sanity. Her other hobbies include ballet and piano. K.M. has come a long way from the wallpaper and cardboard books she created as a child. Her debut novel, Apricots and Wolfsbane, was published October 2017 and was designated an Editors’ Choice Selection by the Historical Novel Society, among other accolades. She can be found at or @KMPohlkamp